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Obviously, my main audience is children!



Parents are able to read my books to their children and enjoy the books themselves, too.



Teenagers should be able to enjoy my books too; to reminisce over their childhood!



Enjoying my books myself is a massive part of what I do. I love reading back my books and remembering George when he was younger!

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About Me

I’m Caleb Davis, author of books that captivate my son’s childhood. When my son was first born, I realised I could only remember a few memories from my childhood. This inspired me to capture the moments I thought George would want to remember; make him a fictional character and place him into an imaginary world.

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My biggest goal with my 'projects' were to allow the imaginations of anyone to be set free. Whether it be children, or adults/young adults reminiscing about their childhood. My projects allow people to imagine being a child and the adventures you can go on.

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I hoped my projects bought happiness to everyone who read them. I wanted anyone to be able to laugh and have fun whilst reading and imagining the situation!

I love going on adventures myself, so with a son and a wife who also love adventures, life is simply an easy ride. When I’m not writing or keeping an eye on my son, I like to swim. Swimming enhances my creativity and, especially when swimming with George, allows me to think of new ideas.

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Answer of your all questions

Seeing my son going through life making so many memories, knowing that he may not remember them when he grew up.
Yes, I did, before they were published to see what reaction I got. It took him only a few pages to realise it was about him!
I think I perhaps would. Now that my son is growing up a bit, I may begin to stray away from children's books.
No, I knew I wanted to publish my own book but I was always unsure of what nature. When my son was born; I knew straight away!


"Caleb's books simply made me relive my childhood all over again. His writing is so vivid and imaginative; with such detailed descriptions making you feel like you are there living the memory."

"Caleb's books most definitely took me back to my childhood. Reading his books to my children was enjoyable for the both of us; my kids adore his books as do I. So many brilliant memories bought back from reading the books!"

"I simply have no words for Caleb's work. He is a brilliant writer, the way he articulates his words add an imaginative and personal spin on his books."